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Resin and glue

TMG Ukraine is a developer, manufacturer and supplier for over 9 years.

With innovative products and professional knowledge of the process of polymer materials, TMG Ukraine offers products that will contribute to a qualitative improvement of the production process, such as: epoxy resins, light-resistant dyes, pigment pastes, hardeners.

Our customers can always trust the experience and professionalism of TMG Ukraine employees - in their independence, if it is development, production or customer service in Ukraine and elsewhere in the world.

Epoxy resin Crystal 200 1,25 kg

If you are tired of pouring the resin in 1 cm layers, try our resin, you can fill it up to 5 cm at a time. set of 1 kg of resin + 270 g of hardener tel / viber for the order: +380501002750Crystal 200 epoxy resin for pouring worktops and other products.You can fill up to 5 cm thickness for ..

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Epoxy Corrector

When the epoxy is mixed with the hardener, many air bubbles form, they slowly rise to the surface and burst, but not all bubbles manage to tear the epoxy film and break out. When air bubbles collect on the surface of the epoxy resin, they form a so-called foam, in which case the organic and harmless..

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Weights up to 10 kg with tarot compensation

It can be used with any capacity without considering its weight, thanks to the tarocompensation function.They begin to measure from 1 gram with a resolution of 1 g.The limit of weighing is 10 kg.Convenient round platform 145 mm;two values ​​of cargo measurement (kg, oz).large easy-to-read display 55..

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