Compression cutters for CNC machines are the most optimal option for cutting sheet materials.

The main advantage of such cutters is the absence of chipping on the lower and upper edge of the workpiece.

This effect is achieved thanks to a multidirectional knife.

In the lower part of the cutter has a slope of the cutting edges in the right side, in the upper part - in the left side.

Such a knife contraction provides the direction of force cutting to the center of the cutter,

while the workpiece remains in a stable state,

almost completely absent the effect of tearing or pressing the workpiece.

Compression mills are best used when it is possible to cut through the workpiece in one pass.

If it is necessary to process the workpiece in several passes, it is necessary to provide additional measures for removing the chips from the cutting area, so that the milling cutter does not have to re-grind it.

* The table shows the sizes for custom-made manufacturing. Deadline - up to 10 business days.

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Compression cutter 6х25х50

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