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Pearlescent Pigment red gold 50g

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Pearlescent Powder Pigment

Pearlescent powder is one of the most effective additives for epoxy and other synthetic resins, with the help of it you can give the fill an iridescent glossy shade of one color or another. Pearlescent powder can be added in different concentrations and in combination with other decorative fillers. Pearlescent pigments are based on mineral mica coated with iron and / or titanium dioxide.

Pigments are perfectly combined with dyes for epoxy resins. This supplement opens up unlimited creative horizons for masters and artists.


Particle size 10-60 microns

It creates the effect of soft flickering, overflow

Non toxic, odorless

Do not contain heavy metals and harmful components

Recommendations for use: 3-5% of the total mass.


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